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Cicada Wellness

Psychotherapy & Family Coaching

Cicada Wellness was founded in 2023 by Katie and Kathrin, Takoma Park natives with shared roots across the globe, who have combined decades of experience in clinical and educational work. At Cicada Wellness, our goal is to help you nurture a bridge between your current challenges and build towards a vibrant, full and fulfilling life. 

Kids Running

How We Help

The demands on parents’ time in a post-covid world can feel overwhelmingly challenging and isolating. How do families stay in touch with the needs of the kids, grown-ups, and the community? How do we get it all done?  Kathrin strongly believes everyone’s capacity expands and thrives when they have space to identify their needs. She helps parents discover their own skills to create lasting patterns that are both regulating and satisfying.

Young Family Services

Leaf Pattern Design


A great option for families who are interested in getting help and support around a time limited issue - and aren't sure where to start. Consultation offers an abbreviated, two session intervention for families looking for additional resources or referrals.  

Family Therapy

Behavior challenges? Difficulty adjusting to change? Concerns about your child's sensory processing or other developmental delays? Therapy at Cicada Wellness offers a space for parents and families to gain space and perspective and regain regulation in their household(s). 

Looking for Age Well Takoma?

Age Well Takoma is proud to announce its new partnership with Cicada Wellness, creating the first of it's kind intergenerational support organization from the ground up. Find us by clicking the button below!

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