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Currently not accepting new clients. Aging Care Management begins with a relationship, so finding the right fit is imperative. Age Well Takoma begins work with our clients by establishing a close bond, based on trust and mutual respect. We limit the number of new clients we work with in order to ensure the quality of our services.

Once the relationship is established, care management may include (at discretion of client / support system)

  • Supporting and guiding clients and their families through challenging situations

  • Chronic illness wellness navigation

  • Medical / Wellness appointment scheduling, participation, and follow-up

  • Communication support between providers and client / family 

  • Medication review and support

  • Connect and evaluate appropriate in-home or residential care options

  • Insurance benefit navigation

  • Discussions about life goals, especially (but not exclusively) in the face of a terminal diagnosis

  • The Driving Talk

  • Hospital or rehab transitions

  • Last-minute pet support

  • Capacity / Risk evaluation and monitoring of long term goals

  • Death and end of life discussions, support and resources

  • Etc.

COVID Announcement: While much of our work together can be done virtually, sometimes virtual doesn't cut it. If Age Well Takoma recommends an in-person visit, we will coordinate with you to determine appropriate harm reduction techniques to put in place, and will only complete such a visit under mutual agreement. 

Investment: $225 initial consultation and subsequent support is $160 / hour, billed to the quarter hour. Minimum two hours / month. Limited sliding scale client slots available. 

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