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Founder Age Well Takoma; Co-Founder Cicada Wellness

Katie Garber, LICSW, LCSW-C (She/Hers) What’s This? 


Katie works with her clients to discover their joy in the vibrancy of aging.


After years working in both the senior living and age-in-community movements, Katie founded Age Well Takoma in 2020 to focus her work directly on partnering with her aging clients to live their lives to the fullest. 

The medical system is complicated, and growing older can be challenging. For many folks, asking for or getting help can feel like a sense of defeat, or a catastrophic loss of independence. Katie is committed to supporting each client achieve and maintain their highest level of independence while expanding their understanding and access to life-enhancing resources. 


Katie's background includes expertise in memory fitness, dementia care, end of life work and advocacy, family and peer support, de-cluttering, and supporting direct service professionals in their care of adults with cognitive change. 



Co-Founder Cicada Wellness

Kathrin Gilbert, M.Ed., MSW, LMSW (She/Hers) What’s This? 


Since launching her career in early childhood education in 2010, Kathrin has taught kids and coached parents in many different ways and roles. In addition to direct support in the classroom, Kathrin has supported parents and teachers both as an administrator and a social worker. Holding a dual masters degree in Education and Social Work, Kathrin is keenly aware of the importance the interplay between family, home and school has on young children's wellbeings. 

She brings her local knowledge of resources especially for children with special needs. Whether your child has received a new diagnosis, has had one for some time, or you have concerns that haven’t been clinically evaluated, Kathrin offers support to parents to uncover what your child needs.

As a member of the sandwich generation herself, she is thrilled to be working with Katie to establish an intergenerational aligned organization to support all families. 

Our Commitment

Like many institutions in today’s America, the current healthcare & education systems often fail our most vulnerable neighbors. While continuing to engage in lifelong learning about their own seats in privilege, Katie and Kathrin also actively affirm the experiences of decentralized identified persons in all aspects of their work. Wondering why we use this language? Ask! Or check this out

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