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Hear what others have to say about Kathrin and Katie.

"Thank you Katie for all of your wonderful support and advice during the past 3 years.  When I say you are truly amazing, and look forward to having you in my life for a long time to come." - Katie's Former Client

"Kathrin figuratively reaches across the table with her compassion to make you feel like whatever is going on, you’ll deal with it together, that your child is precious and seen for who they are and that above all else, that you’re doing a great job." -  Kathrin's Former Client

"A team from [provider] is coming to our home at 3 p.m. today.  Katie, Thanks again for your assistance and support throughout this time." - Family Member, Katie's Client

"She is a phenomenal listener and diligent advocate for her families and she cares for and sees the strengths and wonders of each child she works with. She is exemplary at working with both parents and children, which is a true gift. You want Kathrin on your kid’s team and on your team. She is an absolute gem." - Kathrin's Former Client

"Katie, I truly feel like we understand each other, and that I value beyond measure. I would feel lost without you." - Katie's Current Client, 

"We have many families at [funeral home] who sing your praises and say you made the dying process so much better for their family members. So thank you Katie for all you do." - Local Funeral Home Director

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