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The demands on parents’ time in a post-covid world can feel overwhelmingly challenging and isolating. How do families stay in touch with the needs of the kids, grown-ups, and the community? Kathrin strongly believes everyone’s capacity expands and thrives when they have space to identify their needs, and thrives in helping parents discover the skills to create lasting patterns that are both regulating and satisfying. 


Kathrin helps parents and caregivers uncover and step into their own strengths. She creates a reflective and compassionate space for people raising other people. Using a variety of clinical modalities and techniques, Kathrin supports families to understand their goals and helps them do the work towards getting there.

Investment: $120 per session. Kathrin is an Out of Network provider, but Cicada Wellness will provide you with a "superbill" to submit to your insurance company for out of network benefit reimbursal. 

Currently Accepting New Clients - Email Kathrin Today 

Image by Aaron Wilson
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